the biggest in the world collection of examples and methods for construction of s-dimensional magic and multimagic figures

Head a condition of building oft the multi dimensional magic figures says that the sums oft he matrix are alike in all directions. Analogically in the atomic’s building all forces in central point are in balance. Dismantling oft the magic figures is in layers (see please mathematical formula) accomplished like that no numbers are not langer in matrix than order N. So similarly in layers one divides atomic parts in physics on still amaller elements. I noticed that dependence between numbers and nucleon without sing ( + and -), positron with sign (+) and electron with sign (-) gives. With further analysis of the multimagic figures I noticed the fact that other sign than + and – would bring in must. Already in old China one assumes 2.800 before Christ that dependence between numbers and Universum gives. Therefore I named my mathematical model as Number Galaxy (Galaxy of Numbers). I found several math formulas for building of complicated multi (hyper) dimensionally magic figure and they are inserted in computer program. Thousand examples with volumes over 1 GB are here shown.

The methods of construction presented here are unique in the world and state of the art in this mathematical field. In every magic figure are hidden mathematical formulas, you only need to find.